Seasoned Barn Dried Logs

Logs need time and good ventilation to fully dry out (season). When felled, trees can have a moisture content of over 50%. This needs to be reduced to less than 25% (ideally lower) before burning, otherwise energy is wasted burning off excessive moisture.

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Our local hardwood logs are mainly a mixture of species such as beech,oak, ash and birch. They are carefully dried in open crates. Each crate measures 1.2m x 1.0m x 1.1m giving a volume of 1.3 cubic metres. For local deliveries (CA, LA & DG postcodes) our HIAB crane equipped lorry will tip the crate as near as possible to your wood store. For national deliveries the crate is emptied into a 1.6 cubic metre disposable bag which is secured to a pallet.

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