Multi-purpose grease for long-life at ambient and high temperatures

RENOLIT LX EP 2 GREASE is a non-leaded, lithium complex, extreme pressure grease, capable of operating at higher temperatures than normal lithium greases. It provides good rust protection, efficient water resistance, excellent stability against oxidation and good resistance to mechanical breakdown.

RENOLIT LX EP 2 GREASE contains extreme pressure, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion additives. Its very high maximum operating temperature (of over 160ºC for short periods) enables it to lubricate front wheel bearings efficiently, despite transmitted heat. Equally important is the product’s ability to provide good rust protection, efficient water resistance, excellent stability against oxidation and generally improved resistance to mechanical breakdown.


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RENOLIT LX EP 2 GREASE is a long-life grease suitable for the majority of industrial and automotive applications. This product can also be used as general purpose grease in order to aid product rationalisation in heavy industrial applications.

  • Lithium complex thickener system allowing high temperature operation
  • Formulated using highly refined base oils
  • Offers excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Effective anti-oxidants to prolong the life of the products
  • Resistant to mechanical breakdown
  • Contains extreme pressure (EP) additives allowing it to be used in high load applications

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