Fuchs TITAN Gear HYP SAE 85W-140 20Ltr

TITAN GEAR HYP SAE 85W-140 is a heavy duty lubricant developed to meet or exceed internationally recognised specifications and classifications. High Performance Gear Oil for highly-stressed differentials in commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

TITAN GEAR HYP SAE 85W-140 is a mineral gear oil for axle and hypoid transmissions calling for an API GL-5 performance. The formulation has proven its performance with many OEMs.

  • Very good load carrying capacity, even with high long term stresses and resulting high oil temperatures
  • Excellent cold-flow properties resulting in excellent lubrication from cold start
  • Compatible with all seal materials commonly used in gearboxes and final drives
  • Multi-purpose suitability both for running in and long term applications
  • Excellent corrosion and oxidation protection
  • Includes anti-foam agents to reduce incidence of damage due to air entrapment even at high speeds and oil temperatures

Please note: TITAN GEAR HYP SAE 85W-140 is not recommended for synchromesh gearbox applications. 


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  • API GL-5

 FUCHS Recommendations

  • ZF TE-ML 07, 08

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