Logs & Briquettes

Logs have long been used as a source of fuel in Britain. Today though we take the hard work out of collecting firewood — all it takes is a call and we’ll deliver fuel for your home heating straight to your door (cut and split into a usable size of course).

Logs or briquettes — what’s the difference?

Logs are 100% natural wood. Once they’re cut they need to be dried, or seasoned. It can take up to two years to season a log naturally, though kiln drying speeds up the process. All our logs are fully-seasoned hardwood which burn for longer.

Briquettes are made from hardwood and softwood, mainly from sawmill residue. They’re highly compressed to create a dense fuel. And because they don’t need to be seasoned, they’re ready for use right away.

We offer a range of logs and briquettes, all tested by us to ensure they offer a good all-round performance.

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