Signal Smart Monitor

The Signal smart monitor gives you complete control over your home heating oil.

No more uncertainty surrounding the tank level or having to go outside in the middle of winter to dip your tank. Signal allows you to check your tank level anywhere, anytime from your computer or mobile device.


Never run out

See a predicted run out date based on your estimated usage so you should never run out.


Anytime, Anywhere

You are able to check your tank from your computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere.



Receive email reminders to fill up your tank – incase you’ve forgotten to check or have used more than you expected.



Receive immediate alerts when your oil is delivered, perish the thought, your oil is stolen or you have a leak.


Avoid Emergency Prices

Running out is costly. You need never pay those inflated prices again.


Controlled Usage

Using the information from your Signal smart monitor, you can adapt and control your consumption, saving you money.


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