Carstairs Junction Oil Club

Carstairs Junction Oil Club

    Carstairs Junction is an Oil Club in Carstairs. The Oil Club offers low prices and many benefits to its members and the local community.

    Carstairs Junction Oil Club

    Carstairs Junction Oil Club is a member organisation in Carstairs Junction, West Lothian. It offers heating oil to private properties in Carstairs Junction at reduced prices when they order oil through the oil club. With several properties joining together, Johnston Oils can schedule deliveries to more houses at once. This reduces transport and administration costs, a saving that is passed on to oil club members. It is easy to join the club online, and you just order what you need for your property – you get the bulk discount no matter how much oil you buy. As well as saving money, this reduces heavy traffic and oil truck deliveries passing through the village. Lower CO2 emissions and reduced traffic is good news for the environment and local inhabitants.

    Community Cashback is another great reason to purchase oil through Johnston Oils oil club in Carstairs Junction. Every oil order through the club earns Community Cashback for the local village. Every litre you buy earns 1p Community Cashback, and when the club has collected enough cashback, Johnston Oils pay the funds directly to the local initiative chosen by the group. It is a great way to save, earn and share.

    If you live in Carstairs Junction, join the oil club today. Register online, provide a few details, and we’ll tell you about current offers and upcoming oil deliveries. Once you have joined, you get beneficial rates on heating fuel – and you can start collecting Community Cashback to give back to your local area! Call us on 01506 656535 if you want to learn more, check out our FAQ pages about oil clubs, or just click on Register to join online today.

    About Carstairs Junction

    Carstairs Junction is a village in South Lanarkshire, located by a historically important railway station. This is where the west coast railway between Glasgow and Carlisle diverges from the Edinburgh line. Carstairs Junction, situated just a mile south of Carstairs Village, was originally called Strawfrank. It is now a small rural village with around 700 inhabitants, a parish church, two pubs, a shop and other small local businesses. Carstairs Junction is situated near the Roman fort of Castledykes, just off the A70 which runs through Carstairs Village. Carstairs Junction was developed for railway workers, who would build one of the key junctions on the Caledonian railway from the 1840s. Carstairs Junction is in a rural setting with a nearby woodland, open fields and recreational opportunities in nature.

    About the Carstairs Junction Oil Club

    Carstairs Junction Oil Club provides members with heating oil for less. Find out about upcoming delivery runs and current oil offers by joining the oil club or logging in if you are already a member.

    Recent updates from Carstairs Junction Oil Club

    We have regular deliveries of oil scheduled for Carstairs Junction. These happen every 4-6 weeks depending on season. Join the club to see upcoming dates online. More information about local events, special offers and local news about Community Cashback projects will be coming on this page in the near future.

    Map of Carstairs Junction

    Who can join the Carstairs Junction Oil Club?

    Anyone living in Carstairs Junction with a private property that uses domestic heating oil to heat their property can join the oil club. It’s fast and easy to join online – just click to Register above. In a few clicks you will get access to exclusive offers and member benefits. You can also call Johnston Oils on 01506 656535 and we’ll help you with your membership.

    Who do I contact about joining the club?

    You can join the oil club in Carstairs Junction online, but if you would like to talk to someone, please contact Johnston Oils on 01506 656535.

    How do I join?

    Joining Carstairs Junction Oil Club is easy! Just click on Register to join online today. You need to give us a few details about yourself and your property, and then you can start ordering oil at reduced prices through the club. It only takes a couple of minutes to join, and you can start collecting Community Cashback on your very first order!

    Am I tied to a contract with the Carstairs Junction Oil Club?

    There are no binding contracts with the Johnston Oils Oil Club in Carstairs Junction. You can cancel your membership at any time, and you are not obliged to make your oil orders as part of the club. If you need to top up your tank between group orders, you can just contact Johnston Oils on 01506 656535 to get an individual delivery.

    Did you know?

    Community Cashback funds collected by the Carstairs Junction Oil Club can be spent on community initiatives like the youth club, family activities, refurbishing community properties or organising events for the whole community. It’s a great way to give back while saving on oil prices!

    Community and clubs in Carstairs Junction

    Local initiatives to encourage more community work and community events have been key in Carstairs Junction in the last few years. Members of the Johnston Oils oil club in Carstairs Junction contribute to the village through collecting cashback, which benefits the local community. The local club cashback goes directly to community initiatives that the club chooses, providing money to spend on activities that benefit the whole local community.

    Join Carstairs Junction Oil Club online today, to share, earn and save!