Top Ups

Top Ups

    Never run out. No hassle. Our top-up service let you pay for your home heating fuel in easy monthly instalments. It also takes away the worry of your tank running empty.

    How it works

    We deliver to all sorts of homes, so we’ve got a good sense of how much fuel you’re likely to use over a year. If you’ve been living there a while you’ll probably know yourself. Then we base your monthly payment on that amount of fuel.

    Regular deliveries make sure your tank doesn’t run out. Over the winter months we may deliver more often, as you’ll likely be heating your home more.

    Need a top-up? You can always call 01506 656535 to book an extra delivery.

    Your questions answered

    Is my payment the same every month? Yes, we’ll only change your payment after we’ve agreed it with you.

    What happens if fuel oil prices fall or rise? Fuel oil prices can change every day. The cost to you is based on fuel oil prices on the day of delivery. This could mean that sometimes you could have a credit or debit balance on your account. We’ll send you a statement every quarter to let you know how your account is doing.

    What if I use more or less that you predict? We’ll review your account every quarter. If you’re using more or less than we predicted, we’ll adjust your monthly payment accordingly, after agreeing it with you.

    Try a simple budget plan

    If you want to pay a fixed price for your fuel each month we can help you with that too. Simply tell us your budget and we’ll make regular deliveries based on that amount. It’s the simple way to help you spread the cost of your fuel.

    Want to know more about our top-up service or budget plan? Call us on 01506 656535 or send us an enquiry.