New to LPG

If you’re new to LPG, you will undoubtedly be looking for the same convenience for your new ‘off-grid’ home that you have enjoyed when living ‘on-grid’. Just like mains gas, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the perfect solution for all your heating, cooking and hot water needs!

Payment Options To Suit You

If your new property already has an LPG tank, or you require a new one installed, we make the process really simple and can provide you with a number of options on how to have gas supplied. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will provide you with information regarding the cost of LPG and discuss the payment options available to help you pick a plan to suit your household budget. Then all that is required is to decide how and when you would like to order your gas.

Order With Ease

Our top-up service is the most popular with customers new to LPG as you don’t need to worry about check the level of your tank or ordering, we do all of this for you! Alternatively, you can choose to keep an eye on your tank level and order LPG when your supplies are running low or there is an expected cold snap. Please note however, that there is minimum order quantity of 700 litres for customers using this process.

With whichever service suits you best, you have the ability to check the tank contents using a gauge fitted to the top of your tank. It is normal for your tank level to read 85% when filled as this is to provide room for expansion of the gas within the tank. When renting your tank from J GAS, for your peace of mind we will maintain the tank over its lifetime, performing periodic maintenance as required.

If you’re looking for an LPG supplier that offer great prices and exceptional customer service, you can rest assured that you are in good hand with J Gas.

Fuel Usage Calculator Tool

Discover just how much LPG your new home may use over the course of a year with our handy ‘fuel usage calculator’ tool…

Please note that the above figures are provided as a rough guide only as there are many factors that can affect your LPG usage, some of these include; age of boiler, service history of boiler, how warm you like your home, etc. For a more accurate guide as to how much LPG you should budget for using please contact our customer service team on 0345 450 3121.