Why J Fuelcard?

A Johnston fuel card isn’t just the easy way to pay. It’s also your passport to competitive fuel prices and the convenience of over 4,000 sites across the UK. And it’s all backed by the experience, knowledge, helpfulness and reliability that’s enjoyed by every Johnston customer.

We won’t tie you down

At Johnston we don’t believe in tying our customers to lengthy contracts. People stick with us because of our quality service, not because we make them. Our fee-free cards mean we don’t ask you to make a big commitment. In fact, there’s really no commitment on your part:

  • No contract — you’re free to cancel your cards at any time, though we hope you won’t.
  • No obligation to use your card — we don’t demand exclusivity, and there are no charges if you don’t use your card for a while.
  • No sign-up or usage fees — so no upfront or ongoing financial commitment for you.

Enjoy these great Jfuelcard benefits

No fees Dedicated account manager National coverage Great deals on fuel
All you pay for is the fuel and any other services you use. Need help? We’re only a phone call away. Round the clock access to over 4,000 UK sites, depending on your card. We’ll email our latest prices every Friday, all negotiated by our experienced traders.


Ready to order your cards?

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